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The problem

Individuals want access to ‘free Wi-Fi’ everywhere they go. Most venues offer a primitive and unsecure ‘free Wi-Fi’ solution which is often unreliable and opens up the business and users of the Wi-Fi to vulnerabilities. Often, the existing ‘free Wi-Fi’ solutions we have discovered in operation are severely outdated, slow and are troublesome to connect to. A ‘free Wi-Fi’ network should be easy to connect to and use whilst also maintaining adequate security to protect the business and user.

The Solution

The solution is acorp connect – a secure WiFi solution that spans across multiple locations allowing customers to seamlessly and automatically connect to ‘free Wi-Fi’ in a variety of different locations. acorp connect enables users to easily roam between popular venues, retail shops and businesses and remain connected to the Internet while reducing their reliance on expensive phone plan data. acorp connect is the simplest way for any business to offer a hassle-free, fully managed ‘free WiFi’ solution to customers.

Benefits of acorp connect

The acorp connect system can bring an incredible number of benefits to the businesses and venues that choose to sign up. Our solution encourages individuals to make use of the available Wi-Fi to encourage social media sharing and communication about their experiences at the various locations. Our one-size-fits-all package provides a network which is extremely easy to use and remains highly secure to protect the user, the business and A Corp. Computers. We can also provide individually tailored acorp connect packages to suit the unique needs of some customers. We have the capacity to provide a network that is:

  • Functional and easy-to-use
  • Highly secure and separate from your corporate network
  • Reliable and easy to maintain

We also have the capability to provide the following on request during the initial implementation:

  • Ability to gather demographic data on users and supply to the business.
  • Ability to gather contact information from users and supply to the business.
  • Ability to provide network usage information such as location of connected devices and content that is accessed.

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