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Making the Connection

  To say that the team here are proud of the progress we have made and are continuing to make with our flagship product is certainly an understatement! acorp connect® is growing rapidly and we're seeing more locations sign up to the service every week. With every location that jumps on board, we're connecting more and more [...]

Rise of Cloud Backup

We have seen a monumental change in how data is stored, from the good old floppy disk to high-speed Solid State Drives. Traditionally data would be backed up according to a schedule onto something like a tape drive and then physically relocated to another site in case of a physical incident such as theft or [...]

New Age of Threats

It's everywhere. Big businesses, small businesses and households alike are being targeted by a constantly growing internet threat known as Ransomware. It's sophisticated, it's dangerous and it's not going away anytime soon. And why? Ransomware pays. If you're a cyber criminal and you're goal is making money, ransomware is profitable. Time and time again we [...]